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SEO Tips for 2017

2016 was quite eventful in the world of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. It featured different experts across the globe coming up with different tips and tricks for websites to rank as high as possible on top search engines.
The start of 2017 has not been particularly quiet as businesses try their best to dominate their niche locally and internationally. Below are a few SEO tips that businesses need to keep in mind for a profitable SEO experience in 2017.
1. Indexing
The first step to ranking high on top search engines like Google is to check the number of your website’s pages indexed. Checking your site’s indexing gives an idea of what should be done to get to the desired page.
The likes of and SEO crawlers like Website Auditor can be used to check indexing. The number is usually largely proportional to the total number of pages on your website. This should exclude the web pages you do not want indexed. For gaps bigger than expected, it is advised that you review the disallowed pages.
2. Ensure important resources can be crawled
This tip is sequel to the previous point mentioned about checking the site’s indexing. One of the most popular ways of checking the crawlability of the website is to look through robots.txt. However, results gotten using this method are not usually accurate. It is therefore advised that you use an SEO crawler to ensure your result is as accurate as possible. This also ensures that you get a list of all blocked pages, irrespective of the instruction found on any other platform.
Google’s recent rendering of pages like modern browsers makes it imperative for your web pages and other such resources to be crawlable. If your CSS files cannot be indexed, it is impossible for Google to see the pages the way you want them to look. The case is not particularly different with a non-crawlable JS, as Google will not index the site’s content.
For sites built using AJAX or heavily relying on JavaScript, it is important to look for a crawler that can easily crawl and render JavaScript, with Screaming Frog and Website Auditor being some of the most popular tools.
3. Optimize Crawl Budget
Crawl Budget refers to the number of web pages that the likes of Google can crawl at a particular point in time. Knowing your crawl budget helps to know whether to increase it or not and the ways to employ. It is important to note that SEOs cannot readily identify how Google assigns crawl budget. However, the two major factors identified by many SEOs are the number of internal links to a page and back links from other websites.
To optimize your crawl budget it is advised that you get rid of duplicate pages, fix broken links, prevent indexation of pages that have no SEO value, and ensure an up-to-date sitemap.
4. Audit Internal Links
Auditing internal links helps you identify the links that might be drawing back your website. Some of the things to check when auditing the internal links of your website include broken links, redirected links, orphan pages, and the click depth of your site.
5. Check your sitemap
Sitemaps are extremely important to the performance of website, as they inform search engines about the structure of your site. This subsequently helps search engines to discover new content quicker. Your checklist for reviewing your website should include freshness, size and content being clean.
6. Assess and improve the speed of pages
One of Google’s top priorities for 2017 is page speed. Page speed also serves as a ranking signal for Google. The load time of web pages can be tested using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. However, this could take some time as the fields are filled manually. Therefore, you can use other tools for ease and speed.
A report detailing the areas required to be fixed and the recommended fixes will be given at the end of the test.

7. Ensure mobile-friendliness
Mobile-friendliness has always been an important factor for the performance of the website. Google has also made it clear that it would start mobile-first indexing of the web. The recent announcement by Google means that the mobile version of websites will be indexed instead of the desktop version. This makes it imperative for businesses to be as mobile friendly as possible by creating a mobile version of the website.
The job of SEO is not as easy as it seems. Businesses are therefore advised to hire SEO experts to do the job. One example is a premier Scottsdale SEO Company called Tecsolo.They use cutting edge strategies to help businesses rank high on top search engines like Google.

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