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Achieving Financial Freedom In 2018

Financial freedom is a luxury most of us do not have. We are enslaved to our jobs that barely keep us afloat. As individuals we can sit back and do absolutely nothing or we can take control and change our thoughts, actions and our financial outcome. The question is how, how do we do these things and maintain the lifestyle we have been accustomed to? The answer is plain and simple, we don’t. We must educate ourselves and stop the bad spending habits we have along with sacrificing our wants, so we can take care of our real needs in life.

To start off, stop applying for more credit cards. The more credit card debt we get into the more we rob Peter to pay Paul. We must stop living beyond our means and act now. Just because you qualified for $30,000.00 auto loan doesn’t mean you truly need an auto loan of that amount. The short- term sacrifice of buying a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B is enough right now. Why pay for all the extra bling when you just can’t afford it? Start paying off your credit cards one by one, and if you have late payments, hire Phoenix Credit Repair to get your accounts in good standing. Then start with the smallest amount balance and pay as much of it as you can afford and so on. Tackle each one this way. The true key here is to stop using your credit cards. Take on the mindset that if you can’t pay cash for it you don’t need it. Lock your credit cards up in your safe or even put them in your freezer. This way you truly have time to think about what you are purchasing when you must take them out of the safe or freezer. You do want to keep your accounts open though, even if you have a zero balance. This helps your credit score. We all know the better or higher your credit score is the less amount of money or interest you pay in the long run.

Impulse buying is buying things you truly do not need but buy them anyway because of the thought you might need that item soon or you feel you must have that it right now. Chances are whatever it is you will not even think about it again once it is not in your sight. For instance, the check-out at the grocery store. Do you think it is just a coincidence that they put all the candy and tabloid magazines there? It is most definitely not. They place these items here so when you are waiting in line you have something to read and then purchase it and then you can finish the article. Another way to save a few dollars is when you go out to eat rather it be fast food or at a restaurant, order water to drink instead of the soda or tea. This is a win win because who doesn’t need to drink more water anyways? Speaking of eating out, try to cook at home more. Eating out is convenient but not necessarily healthy and it is quite expensive. Remember the more you sacrifice now the better off you will be in the long run.

Another way to start transitioning into financial freedom is by monitoring your credit. As stated before the higher your credit score is the better your interest rates will be and the less money you will pay out and make somebody else richer. Go over your credit report with a fine- tooth comb with a professional. These people are there to help you gain financial freedom. You work hard for your money and they want you to have the same benefits as others who have excellent credit and can help you get there. Rather it be inaccurate information that they can get removed by the credit bureaus or perhaps they suggest adding tradelines to help give your credit a boost if you are buying a car or ready to take on a mortgage. Tradelines can even come in handy if you are wanting to refinance a vehicle, mortgage or negotiate better interest rates on your credit cards. The key factor here is timing and credit repair companies are excellent at assisting you strategically through your credit needs to be becoming more financially stable and guiding you to more healthy spending your hard- earned money.

Start taking control now of your future and stop letting your financial institutions get richer by your spending habits. Change is often thought as scary but in this situation change is financial freedom.

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Best Credit Repair Company in Corpus Christi

Many people living in Corpus Christi find themselves with low credit score when they apply for a new loan. Most of them have no idea how they ended up with that. Having a low credit score can adversely affect your life. You might be disqualified for any financing or might have to pay higher interest rates for any loan you take in the years to come. Many people also find it difficult to get a new job, buy a new home or buy new insurance. Since poor credit score can have a negative impact on life, it is best to try to improve it. While it may take some time to get a better credit rating, it is definitely worth it. If you want to improve your credit score, it is best to consult with a credit repair company in Corpus Christi.

Not all Corpus Christi credit repair companies are the same. Since their services are not free, it is important to do a little research so that you can get the best assistance you need to repair your credit. When looking for the best credit repair company, here are some crucial things that you need to look at –

Experience – Even though there are many software programs that someone can buy and create a credit repair company overnight, they do not have the necessary expertise and experience to do it in the best way possible. Hiring a company with years of experience is important. If they have been in the industry for a while, chances are that they would be there in the years to come.

Fees – The company that you choose should not ask for any upfront fees for any credit repair services. The government has a provision in place that restricts any credit repair company from asking for fees upfront without providing the service that they have promised. So, be wary of any company asking for fees before they have provided their service.

Physical Location – It is best to pick a company that has a physical location and do not operate solely from their website or just have a PO Box. There are chances that a company with no physical office can just disappear and take your money too. Look for the company’s office address and ensure that it is present on the map of Corpus Christi.

Services Offered – Till a few years back, most of the credit repair companies offered just one service, and that was to generate credit bureau disputes. While it is an effective way to repair credit rating, it is not the only method. Today, most of the good credit repair companies Corpus Christi offer additional services like debt validation, goodwill letters, credit score education, direct creditor disputes and more. You should pick a company that provides a variety of these services to get the best results.

You can easily find the best credit repair company in Corpus Christi who can assist you to get your credit ratings in the positive direction. It is essential to stay away from credit repair companies that promise you to remove negative information from your credit report. There are no guarantees when it comes to credit repair so have realistic expectations when you hire a company to do so on your behalf.

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What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?


If you are thinking about going for a personal injury settlement over a car accident or even any other kind of injury, then you would need to understand that it would indeed be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Even though you might think that you would just be able to get in there and get your satisfactory settlement amount, the real world does not seem to work like that.

On the other hand, you might have a certain figure in mind which the insurance company might not comply with. In addition, since they would be the stronger party, you might have no other chance other than to comply.

So, if you would like to prevent yourself from being involved in a sticky situation, then the best option would be to hire a Winnipeg personal injury lawyer. This is because in addition to helping you increase your chances of winning, they would also be able to tell you what your personal injury claim should be worth.



Compensatory damages in personal injury cases

In majority of the personal injury cases, you would be able to find that the damages would be referred to as “compensatory”. This would mean that the victim would need to be compensated, or paid back for the damages which have been sustained and the injuries caused. In other words, it would also mean that the experts would try to put a dollar figure on the damages. So, even though you would be able to come across some which would be quite easy to identify, there would be others which would not be that simplistic.


Therefore, when going for a personal injury settlement, it would be a good idea to know about the different times of compensatory damages that would be most common in many of the personal injury cases. To know more, take a look below.

  • Medical treatment

In a personal injury damages award, you would almost always be able to find the cost of medical care that would seem to be associated with the accident. This would include the cost of medical attention that you have already received along with the estimated cost of medical care that you would require in the future as a result of the accident.

  • Income

Based on your wages and salary, you would also be entitled to compensation for the impact of the accident. This would not only include the income that you have lost, but also the possible amount of money that you could no longer make in the near future. In other words, this would also be known as “loss of earning capacity.”

  • Property loss

If any clothing, items, or vehicle were damaged in the course of the accident, then the victim would also be reimbursed for compensation or repairs for the fair market value of the property that was lost. An insurance adjuster would have to review the claim before it could be included in the claim.


Hence, with your personal injury lawyer keeping some of these factors in mind, it would be possible to calculate your personal injury claim worth.

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SEO Tips for 2017

2016 was quite eventful in the world of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. It featured different experts across the globe coming up with different tips and tricks for websites to rank as high as possible on top search engines.
The start of 2017 has not been particularly quiet as businesses try their best to dominate their niche locally and internationally. Below are a few SEO tips that businesses need to keep in mind for a profitable SEO experience in 2017.
1. Indexing
The first step to ranking high on top search engines like Google is to check the number of your website’s pages indexed. Checking your site’s indexing gives an idea of what should be done to get to the desired page.
The likes of domain.com and SEO crawlers like Website Auditor can be used to check indexing. The number is usually largely proportional to the total number of pages on your website. This should exclude the web pages you do not want indexed. For gaps bigger than expected, it is advised that you review the disallowed pages.
2. Ensure important resources can be crawled
This tip is sequel to the previous point mentioned about checking the site’s indexing. One of the most popular ways of checking the crawlability of the website is to look through robots.txt. However, results gotten using this method are not usually accurate. It is therefore advised that you use an SEO crawler to ensure your result is as accurate as possible. This also ensures that you get a list of all blocked pages, irrespective of the instruction found on any other platform.
Google’s recent rendering of pages like modern browsers makes it imperative for your web pages and other such resources to be crawlable. If your CSS files cannot be indexed, it is impossible for Google to see the pages the way you want them to look. The case is not particularly different with a non-crawlable JS, as Google will not index the site’s content.
For sites built using AJAX or heavily relying on JavaScript, it is important to look for a crawler that can easily crawl and render JavaScript, with Screaming Frog and Website Auditor being some of the most popular tools.
3. Optimize Crawl Budget
Crawl Budget refers to the number of web pages that the likes of Google can crawl at a particular point in time. Knowing your crawl budget helps to know whether to increase it or not and the ways to employ. It is important to note that SEOs cannot readily identify how Google assigns crawl budget. However, the two major factors identified by many SEOs are the number of internal links to a page and back links from other websites.
To optimize your crawl budget it is advised that you get rid of duplicate pages, fix broken links, prevent indexation of pages that have no SEO value, and ensure an up-to-date sitemap.
4. Audit Internal Links
Auditing internal links helps you identify the links that might be drawing back your website. Some of the things to check when auditing the internal links of your website include broken links, redirected links, orphan pages, and the click depth of your site.
5. Check your sitemap
Sitemaps are extremely important to the performance of website, as they inform search engines about the structure of your site. This subsequently helps search engines to discover new content quicker. Your checklist for reviewing your website should include freshness, size and content being clean.
6. Assess and improve the speed of pages
One of Google’s top priorities for 2017 is page speed. Page speed also serves as a ranking signal for Google. The load time of web pages can be tested using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. However, this could take some time as the fields are filled manually. Therefore, you can use other tools for ease and speed.
A report detailing the areas required to be fixed and the recommended fixes will be given at the end of the test.

7. Ensure mobile-friendliness
Mobile-friendliness has always been an important factor for the performance of the website. Google has also made it clear that it would start mobile-first indexing of the web. The recent announcement by Google means that the mobile version of websites will be indexed instead of the desktop version. This makes it imperative for businesses to be as mobile friendly as possible by creating a mobile version of the website.
The job of SEO is not as easy as it seems. Businesses are therefore advised to hire SEO experts to do the job. One example is a premier Scottsdale SEO Company called Tecsolo.They use cutting edge strategies to help businesses rank high on top search engines like Google.


3 Amazing Benefits Of Fish Oil

There aren’t many nutritional supplements out there that offer as many advantages as fish oil does. Regardless of who you are, it’s nearly certain you’ll benefit from it. Learn more.

Whether you’re looking to maximize muscle building and fat loss, or you’re looking to take the best pathway to optimum well-being, fish oil is a supplement you have to introduce into your overall diet. There are hardly any nutritional supplements out there that offer as many advantages as fish oil does. Regardless of who you are, it’s virtually certain you will benefit from it.

Advantages of fish oil:

Supports healthy cholesterol levels
Boosts your mood
Helps to keep powerful bones
What Fish Oil Is For

Fish oil is a kind of fatty acid that is derived from the tissue’s most popular fish in the ocean. It includes the omega-3 fatty acids, including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are what’s got the most interest regarding health research over the last few years. The most potent fish oil in the world comes from wild Alaskan salmon which is featured in Toki Botanicals Omega-3 formula.

People who have a high amount of oily fish typically don’t need to supplement with fish oil capsules as much or as frequently. However, you should remember that many fish varieties do contain harmful and sometimes toxic amounts of mercury, which likewise must be tracked in the human body.

If these levels of mercury get out of control, that can cause major problems too, so it’s essential that you keep a great equilibrium. Fish oil capsules, along with greasy fish on occasion, will be the best way meet your own needs safely.

Fish oil supplements offer a wide assortment of benefits. Here are three significant ones you should know about.

1. Healthy Cholesterol Level Support

Taking high quality fish oil on a regular basis may support a healthy blood cholesterol profile already within a normal range. Adding 3-6 grams of fish oil a day can help boost healthy ratios of HDL to LDL, in addition to healthful levels of triacylglycerol concentrations in the body when they are already in healthful range.

When you can begin using fish oil, in addition to eating a diet that’s rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll support overall health and well being.

2. Bone Health Support

As you grow old, especially in the instance of of girls who are entering the menopausal years and who no longer have the normal estrogen and progesterone hormone levels, the bones may begin to thin, which can  lead to the onset of osteoporosis.

Studies have looked at the consequences of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid intakes on the bone density and calcium balance in menopausal women, and have found that those who do take in higher levels of fatty acids may help support healthy bones.

The greatest means to support your general bone health is always to be sure you’re getting the proper amount of calcium in your diet regularly. After that is been looked after, it’d be an extremely smart move to begin paying attention to your fish-oil consumption.

It’s crucial that you make sure you’re getting a great ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, though. Consuming an excessive amount of omega 6 and too little omega 3 can in fact put you at a higher risk for a lower bone-mineral density.

3. Hormonal Support

Research has indicated that including fish oil in your diet on a regular basis may offer hormonal support for your body’s overall health and wellness.

The diets of many folks are so full of processed foods that there isn’t the proper amount of vital nutrients and fats that are required to support a healthy system. This only adds to the pressure accumulation that may exacerbate mood disorders for example depression and anxiety.

Fish oil consumption helps support the levels of serotonin in the body, which is often called the “happy hormone” because of it’s mood elevating properties. You’ll usually reap the advantages of serotonin after eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal, which is what puts you in a relaxed and peaceful state. Because of this, people typically crave high-carb foods when they truly are stressed.

By supplementing with fish oil, you’ll naturally support your own serotonin release in the body, which may help manage anxiety.

The Final Conclusion

As you can see, fish oil supplements offer a number of benefits. Fish oil is not necessarily going to help you build muscle at an accelerated rate directly, but indirectly it will help support the quality of your work outs. Most of all, supplementing with fish oil will enhance your overall well-being, which is key to pursuing workouts over a longer period of time.


How To Rebuild Your Credit Properly

Having bad credit these days is sadly quite common. No one decreases their credit score on purpose. There are many causes – your identity was stolen, loss of income, poor budget planning. Things can get away from us, and then the time comes when we need good credit to buy a new car or home. A poor credit score can be difficult to live with. That is why it is so important to keep an eye on your credit score and do what you can to rebuild your credit to a better score.

There are three credit reporting agencies that determine your credit score. These are where those extending the credit to you go to and check what your score is. Your score will determine how much a creditor has faith in you paying back whatever money you owe. Buying seasoned tradelines is one way to boost your credit score instantly and give you a better credit profile. If lenders are worried about you paying your debt back, then either you will not get the loan at all or will get a higher interest rate that you may not be able to afford and will end up paying more in the long run.

Knowing where to start

Each credit reporting agency is required to supply you with a free copy of your credit report once a year. That means you should spread out when you request them. Contact one agency every four months, and that way you will have your report to review three times a year. Scores change, and you should remain on top of them.

Mind you, these reports do not supply your actual credit score. If you want the actual number you can either pay for them or find a service that will give them to you for free.

Once you have your credit report, you can then determine what your next steps are. As you are reviewing your report, you can make a note of anything that is negative on there. These include delinquent or late payments, debt that went to a collection agency, incorrect information or anything else that appears negative. Once you know exactly what is damaging your score, it will be easier to rebuild your credit.

What you can do to rebuild your Credit
There are many things you can do on your own that can help rebuild your credit score. Here are a few tips on where to start:
1. Focus on paying any late bills – Paying late can negatively affect your credit. Try automatic payments so you do not forget, or save what money you can to make sure you have what you need to pay when bills come due.

2. Pay more than your minimum balance on credit cards – This not only will knock down your ultimate money owed, but it reflects positively on your credit report. Once you can pay the entire bill off every month that looks even better.

3. Build up new credit by trying a secured credit card – These cards are given to you based on a security deposit. The deposit will help determine your credit limit. These are a great alternative to store credit cards.
Dispute what is incorrect or unfair

Your credit report is required by law to be accurate and fair. That is one of the most important reasons to review your report. No one is going to question the authenticity of items on your credit report besides you. If you do find something that does not appear correct or is negative, but you can show you are improving, then the items can be disputed.

You can send your dispute inquiry to the credit bureaus. If they decide your dispute is legitimate, the bureau will conduct an investigation, which means they will ask the creditor if the information is accurate. Or you can send the request to the bank or business that supplied the information on your report.

If your dispute is successful and your credit report is updated, a change will be made. If not, you may write a personal statement that you tried to dispute the item, and give those looking some insight.

This process can be difficult to accomplish on your own. You do have the option of hiring a credit repair company who will conduct these dispute inquiries for you. Either way, this will help rebuild your credit.

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How To Repair Your Credit Fast

Before we start talking about credit repair, we should know about the whole credit score thing. Many credit repair companies are out there who can fix your credit, and they can also increase your credit score. So, let’s see what exactly credit score is?
Well, credit score is some report card of your creditworthiness. We have passed school with our report card. The more marks we scored, the higher grades we got. The fewer marks always showed us as a bad grade. That’s right. Credit score works in the same way. It is the degree of our creditworthiness to the bank, lenders, landlords, stores, etc.
Good or Bad Credit Score
Now you must know about credit scoring. There is the good and even bad score. The credit score counts from 200 to as higher as 850. If your score is equal or as greater than 500, then your credit score will be considered as a good credit score, and if your score is under 400, then the credit score is quite bad and probably no bank will give you any loans. Yes, the higher score indicates, the more creditworthiness and the lower score will indicate the bad credit history. The upper credit score will help you to get a higher amount of loans with a lesser amount of interests which is very advantageous. That means you loan interests will be increased according to your lower score.
How To Increase Your Credit Score and Fix Your Credit?
Gaining a higher credit score is necessary. It will make you a good candidate to the lenders, banks, landlords, employers, and others who can make any financial relationship with you. Therefore, having a good credit score is important. If you are having a problem with lower credit score, then you must be looking for a solution to increase it right? So, how to improve credit score?
Review Your Credit Report: Try to review your credit report once a year. Check whether you have any bad records or errors in your credit. Sometimes, you may forget about your bill payment or any other payment. By reviewing your credit report, you will become aware of any expenses you have just made previously.
Make Your Payment on Time: Whatever type of payment you have just make it on time. This is how you will be gaining a higher score and will be able to prove yourself as a trustworthy creditor.
Get a Payment Reminder: You can set up a payment reminder to your account. In that case, you will be notified when you need to pay any bills and other expenses.

Get Good Counsellors Help: If you still have any problem, you can contact a real creditor or a credit counselor. They will advise you on how to fix your credit and increase your credit score.
Finally, we have discussed a lot about credit score and how to fix your credit and increase your credit score. You can get more help from any credit repair companies. So, keep yourself updated with the credit report.

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Cooking Up Kitchen Remodel Profits

When I think of Entrepreneurs,I think of risk adverse dreamers going for the gold in new and exciting innovative industries.When I think of General Contractors,I think of “old school” bricks and mortar blue collar small business owners.On the surface both of these types of business personalities seem to be miles apart in philosophy and revenue but things are not always as they appear.Little did I know that kitchen remodels in particular could out perform most business ventures in a 30 day turn around time almost without exception.

“It’s a very specialized field,” says Ryan Dunn, owner of Trinity Builders in Edwards,Colorado.Ryan has built a rock solid reputation as an award winning contractor and custom home builder and has set a new standard as an entrepreneurial contractor.

There is without question a lot money in this business.Dunn’s company grosses between $4.5 million and $7.5 million a year on the 20 to 30 jobs it performs annually. The average custom kitchen remodel, including installation, runs about $90,000 although jobs start at $30,000 and reach $500,000.

I thoroughly love talking to Dunn.He routinely speaks in no-nonsense sentences, like many small-business owners I have met who have no time to waste.He most definitely knows his craft and has that”x-factor”when it comes to designing and constructing mind blowing kitchens.

Dunn swears by premium kitchen appliances made by brands such as  Liebherr and Sub-Zero,with their $12,000 refrigerators and $4,000 steam ovens.Although Dunn’s company Trinity Builders are considered ultra high-end  kitchen remodelers,  many of their clients have received a high quality product at mid- level pricing.

“We specialize in high end,but we also do quite well with competitive cabinet lines,Dunn says,adding that a quality Sub-Zero refrigerator can last for decades and pay for itself in spades.

Details are most essential in designing kitchens, which is why engineering, math and drafting are paramount. Designers must calculate when a cabinet door is too heavy for a hinge. Or whether a “slider system” under kitchen doors delivers a smooth glide.

“You have to be technically outstanding,” says Dunn. “You must be able to draft, and be an expert at math. But you also have to engineer, understand how things work together. You cannot survive in this business unless you have these kinds of technical skills.”

Kitchen designers can earn from $800,000 to $2,000,000 a year, depending on the scope of their business. They generally receive about 25 to 35 percent of the total cost of the kitchen, while Dunn receives a slightly lower margin, he believes in maximum quality delivered dollar for dollar relying on referrals as the life blood of his business.

Interestingly,Dunn confirm’s what very little I know about the kitchen remodel industry: It’s all about the cabinets.

The most lucrative cabinet margins can exceed 150 percent or more, by far the most profitable job in a renovation project. Because each kitchen is different and custom designed, cabinets are often custom-ordered and built by boutique manufacturers.

The bottom line is this.In today’s dog eat dog competition for profits,kitchen remodeling is definitely heating up and giving tradition minded entrepreneurs a run for their money.When considering your options starting out of the gate as an entrepreneur,never discount traditional business models such as running a kitchen remodeling company.







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Entrepreneurial Failure Is Inevitable

To be a successful entrepreneur you are going to experience constant failure. There is no way around it and there are almost no exceptions to this inevitable fact. Thomas Edison tried over ten thousand different experiments before he finally demonstrated the first incandescent light bulb on October 21, 1879. Bill Gates’ original company, Traf-O-Data, was a complete failure.These are just a couple of examples and if you were to interview any of the top entrepreneurs in today’s business world they would all say persistence is the key and failures are only lessons that must be learned to advance.

In my short time as an entrepreneur, I’ve failed more times than I can remember. I have also had my fair share of success, but these successes are not even close to the amount failures I’ve had to deal with in business. I don’t get discouraged though because I know that as soon as I stop failing, I have stopped trying to innovate which is critical for me. It’s the price of the business of being an entrepreneur, and of success in general.

If success was easy, everyone would be successful. It is crazy to think that every good idea that you have will result in a winning business venture. I have never heard an entrepreneur say “every single idea I come up with seems to work.” Much more likely, your bound to hear something like “I failed at my first four businesses before this one took off and made it big.”

Contemplate that for a second. Four businesses. Sometimes the number is two, sometimes it’s twenty, but the important thing to remember is that most entrepreneurs don’t hit it out of the park with their first Business. It really amazes me how many people have the persistence to fail four times and still start a fifth business? You have to be very confident in yourself to treat those previous four times as a learning experience for the fifth. And if number five failures, you have to do the same and move on to number six.

In my opinion, the most important determining factor for success is how you deal with failure. Once you accept that failure is inevitable, you are able to learn from your the sum of your mistakes and move on to the next venture. It’s easy to let the failure consume you because it can be very hard to see something that you poured all your resources into be ignored or rejected. You must  come to the conclusion that your business is what they are ignoring or rejecting, and definitely not you. The earlier you do that, the faster you can objectively analyze why you failed and learn the necessary tools for improvement in the future.